Organic Pasture-Raised Eggs

At SpringRain Farm, we think in systems.  So we raise chickens and eggs for their amazing eggs with rich orange yolks, but we also think about the other services they provide.  In fact, poultry are at the heart of our operation.  Our laying hens provide rich composted manure for our trees and plants, they are integral to our Integrated Pest Management System by eating insect pests and diseases.  Our ducks play a critical role in eating mummy berries to help control that awful fungus.  We raise a variety of laying hens that are good foragers and work well in our system: Red Stars, Black Stars, Rhode Island Reds, Amberlinks, and Barred Rocks. Our organic brown eggs are collected daily, and delivered fresh to you. You can’t get a fresher, more wholesome egg without having your own flock.

Organic Chicken

We raise Chimacum Rangers, which are meat chickens originally bred for the French organic market and are slower growing than commercial meat birds.   They live on the pasture and spend time everyday outside being confined to their portable shelters at night to protect them from predators. This results in delicious flavor and higher levels of Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E, and other nutrients (Ponte et al., 2008; Gorski, 2000; Sun et al., 2012) than other chickens.

They are rich tasting, and while tender, the meat has more texture than a mass produced bird.  This is because commercially-raised chickens are raised in buildings with no room to move; thus they don’t develop much muscle mass or tone.  Our birds run, peck, strut, flap their wings, and develop more naturally.  For most recipes, this means our birds benefit from 30 to 60 minutes of brining before cooking.  They are delicious whether grilled, roasted, fried, or smoked.


Organic Turkey

Like all our birds, our turkeys eat organic feed from In-Seasons Farm.  We raise heritage turkeys like the Bourbon Red, Narragansett, and Black Spanish.  All these heritage turkey breeds are listed as threatened by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.  Unlike commercial turkeys, our birds can and do fly and mate naturally.  They are smart, hardy, good foragers, and grow slowly.  Being pasture-raised they take longer and cost more for us to produce, taking 6-8  months to reach butchering weight. This long time development and the plants, seeds, and bugs they eat make them absolutely delicious.


Organic Duck

We raise a wonderful White Pekin meat duck. It is a French Grimaud hybrid and does very well in our pasture-based system. Like all our birds, our ducks eat organic feed from In-Seasons Farm and whatever grass and bugs they find out in the apple orchard they live in. We are proud to produce duck for our customers and for many fine restaurants in the PNW. Roasted, braised, or confit, our duck is delicious.

Forage-Fed Rabbit

We raise rabbits to provide a tasty meat that is highly nutritious and good for the environment.  Rabbit has the best feed to meat conversion ratio and is very low fat.  Our does and bucks live in pasture hutches that move up and down our blueberry fields so they can eat the clover and grasses.  When the doe is ready to give birth, she moves to our rabbit barn.  We keep the young rabbits there until they are harvested at 9 weeks.  We do this to protect them from diseases in the soil that affect young rabbits.  They eat alfalfa pellets and organic hay/greens from the farm along with apple and willow cuttings.  They are processed on-farm in our WSDA licensed facility.