We are very proud of how our turkeys taste and how they are raised.  They live in our apple orchard and enjoy eating apples, grass, and bugs while running about and doing what turkeys do.  One of our turkeys will grace your table with elegance and taste. 

They are $6.50 per pound and can be picked up at the Ballard Farmers Market on November 24 or the farm on November 26.  Birds will be frozen in Seattle.  We require a $20 non-refundable deposit to help pay for their feed.    

There are two ways to reserve your turkey.  One is to download this pdf form, fill it out, print it, and mail it in with your $20 deposit to PO Box 1015, Chimacum, WA 98325.

The second is to use the online form below. You will pay your deposit online using Paypal. We will add a $1 convenience charge.

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