Ethically-Raised Meat & Eggs

You are what they eat. 

We produce meat and eggs you can feel good about.  Humanely treated and fed the best food around.  Our poultry spend every day grazing in our pasture and are confined at night to protect them from predators.  The rabbits live in pasture hutches grazing in the blueberry field or in cages with organic hay and apple trimmings. Everyone has space to engage in their natural behaviors and can run and flap at will.  


Fruit & Berries

Our organic fruit is the best and most diverse around.  We focus on unusual, old fashioned fruit that has stood the test of time.  From red and white currants to gooseberries, raspeberries, to boysenberries, and marionberries, our organic fruit is fresh and delicious.

Our apple and pear orchards focus on antique varieties you can't find anywhere else that do well in our growing area.

Farmstead Jams & Pestos

Farm fresh jams & Pestos made in small batches

All of our jams and pestos are made in small batches by us from our own organic fruit and herbs.  Our jams are fruit-forward, not too sweet, and sweetened with honey. No sugar added.

 Our pestos are also made by us from our own products like nettles, arugula, and kale along with basil and lemon basil for a fresh treat.