Production Specialist

SpringRain Farm is hiring new Production Specialists to assist the Farmer and other production specialists in raising all the annual and perennial plants and livestock on the farm.  This includes irrigation management, planting, weeding, and harvesting of our annual vegetables, small fruit and berries, and greenhouse crops.  A successful person will be involved in all aspects of our diversified farm and will gain expertise in organic fruit, annual vegetables, and greenhouse crops as well as organic poultry and rabbit production.

Start Date: March 1, 2018

Compensation:  Starts at $11.50 / hr. with paid sick leave and food from the farm

Schedule:  This position is full time (approximately 40 -50 hours per week, varying seasonally).  The typical weekly schedule is Tuesday through Saturday.

Responsibilities will include independent or team efforts on:

  • Seedling propagation, care, and transplanting; including all tasks required to produce crops in greenhouse and field beds
  • Production of microgreens; including scheduling, monitoring, watering, prepping for market
  • Salad production; including planning, seeding, watering, weeding and cultivating, harvesting, washing, packing
  • Annual vegetable and perennial fruit transplanting and maintenance; may include bed establishment, transplanting, pruning, trellising, spraying, watering, weeding, mulching, pest monitoring
  • Greenhouse crop production; activities may include planting, transplanting, trellising, pruning, pest and disease monitoring, temperature and humidity monitoring, harvesting, sorting, packing
  • Training and directing seasonal interns and volunteers,
  • Fruit and berry harvesting including direct harvesting and/or coordinating contract picking crew
  • Operate a weekly farmers market stand; includes loading product, travel to market, set up stand, operate stand selling product, record keeping of product and sales, returning product to farm.
  • Care for poultry and rabbits; including feeding and watering livestock, maintaining and cleaning housing, collecting products such as eggs, monitoring livestock health and well being.
  • Other tasks as required by the farmer to ensure the farm operates in an efficient and timely fashion  

For the full description and the educational and experience requirements, click here for the full job description.

To apply, send a resume, three references, and a letter detailing your skills and ability to contribute to our mission related to this job to