Production Specialist

This position has been filled for 2018

Greenhouse Assistant Grower

SpringRain Farm is hiring a part time greenhouse grower to assist the Farmer and other production specialists in operating approximately 17,000 ft2 of greenhouse production on the farm.  Main greenhouse crops are Heirloom and cherry tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, peppers, ginger, and basil.  The job responsibilities include all aspects of greenhouse crop production.  This will include monitoring crop fertility, water, and pest status; fertilizing, transplanting, irrigating, weeding, trellising, pruning, thinning, harvesting, and sorting, labeling, storing the greenhouse crops.  A successful person will have exquisite attention to detail, be able to closely follow directions, be able to work independently while effectively and efficiently completing activities in a timely manner.  The grower will work closely with the farmer communicating frequently to facilitate the implementation of the seasonal production plans.

Start Date: April 1, 2018

Compensation:  Starts at $11.50 / hr. with paid sick leave and food from the farm

Schedule:  This position is part time (approximately 24 hours per week).  The ideal weekly schedule is Tuesday, Thursday and Friday or Saturday. Other job possibilities on the farm exist to increase hours (e.g., marketing, fruit picking).  

Responsibilities will include independent or team efforts on:

  • Seedling propagation, grafting, care, and transplanting; including all tasks required to produce crops in greenhouses
  • Greenhouse crop production; activities will include planting, transplanting, trellising, pruning, pest and disease monitoring, temperature and humidity monitoring, harvesting, sorting, packing
  • Training and directing seasonal interns and volunteers to accomplish greenhouse activities,
  • Other related tasks as required by the farmer to ensure the greenhouse production operates in an efficient and timely fashion  

For the full description and the educational and experience requirements, click here for the full job description.

To apply, send a resume, three references, and a letter detailing your skills and ability to contribute to our mission related to this job to