We are hiring a new Farm Manager to help us farm the land we love.  The role of the farm manager at SpringRain Farm is to support and assist the farmer in completing a diverse and at times unpredictable set of activities.  Under the supervision of the farmer, the farm manager will work to increase the production, sales volume, and income of the farm business. The farm manager will collaborate and provide supervision as needed over the day to day activities of production specialists, farm interns, contract pickers, and volunteers.  The farm manager will work closely with the farmer to develop and implement daily, weekly, and seasonal activity plans and contribute toward making management decisions.

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This is a year-round, full-time position, 40-50 hours a week, depending on the season. The typical schedule is Tuesday through Saturday. This is a salaried position, depending on experience. Benefits include on-farm private housing, access to products from the farm, as well as paid vacation time. Often the farm manager takes 4-6 weeks unpaid leave in the winter, but this is optional. Start date is negotiable between Jan 1 and Feb. 15.

Essential Qualifications:

  • Two to three years previous experience working in diversified organic agriculture
  • Two years of experience in managing salad production operations from planning to harvest
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Good record keeping skills and attention to detail
  • Appreciation of farm financial needs and the importance of work efficiency and marketing
  • Patience and ability to work well with diverse people under stressful conditions
  • Flexibility and willingness to address unforeseen events and work needs
  • Ability to organize tasks, prioritize activities, and meet deadlines independently
  • Able to work effectively on physically demanding jobs for extended periods
  • Able to lift 50 lbs repeatedly
  • Knowledge and competence in techniques of organic production
  • Knowledge and competence in harvest, post-harvest, and packaging operations
  • Dedication to sustainable farming lifestyle
  • Ability and willingness to operate a high volume farmer’s market booth as needed
  • Desire to socialize and build a team spirit on the farm

Primary Responsibilities

Human Resources and Farm Community:

  • Represent SpringRain Farm in a positive and professional manner in all interactions
  • Assist in reviewing employment and intern applications and making decisions on who to select based on farm needs and applicants’ suitability.
  • Help facilitate weekly planning meetings and check-ins on a regular basis
  • Proactively communicate concerns, issues, problems, or possible needed changes to the farmer and the team.
  • Help coordinate options for weekly schedule with the farm team.
  • Help to develop a tight knit farm-centric community on the farm and maintain farm crew morale through various social activities.
  • Weekly planning meetings with Farmer and other team members.

Crop Production

  • Observe, be aware, monitor, and communicate to the Farmer any number of things including but not limited to animal and crop health, crop fertility, growth, or ripeness, pests or insects, irrigation, product volume, harvest, or management needs, production and work efficiency, personal and crew preferences, broken or malfunctioning materials and anything else that seems important.
  • Manage and carry out most aspects of greenhouse and summer salad production; managing successions, planting, transplanting, irrigation, weeding, harvest, wash and pack.
  • Manage and carry out most aspects of our annual vegetable production (which is limited but important).
  • Organize and manage the harvest operations of numerous crops on the farm.
  • Communicate your observations to the Farmer in a timely manner.
  • Be willing to cross train in most farm tasks so as to fill in and/or train others as necessary.
  • Act in a supportive role to Farmer with the aim to stand in for him in case of absence.
  • Participate in off-season planning.
  • Help maintain records, including production, yields, storage quantities, efficiency analysis, fertilization, etc.

Weekly Management Planning:

  • Meet with Farmer weekly to talk about next week’s goals and schedule.
  • Keep information organized so that it is easily accessible by yourself and others, as needed.
  • Document production activities as they are accomplished.
  • Actively consider weather reports, staff competencies, critical tasks and other factors to create and implement realistic daily and weekly plans.
  • Ensure that the time of interns, volunteers, and contract workers is efficiently and productively utilized.
  • Report to the Farmer on a continuous basis about progress of tasks and time sensitive notes and observations.
  • Identify obstacles or problems beforehand and work with the Farmer and management team to resolve them.

Crew Management:

  • Help to train and manage employees, volunteers, and interns on the farm.
  • Help manage other farm employees, interns, and volunteers.
  • Help verify that records of work accomplishments are accurate.
  • Attempt to match jobs with individual competencies, learning goals, and interest as possible.
  • Assist in scheduling routine and ad hoc work amongst available workers.
  • Assign tasks and ensure that the daily work goals are accomplished.
  • Work to set the pace of activities and set goals for accomplishment of tasks.
  • Engage in most farm tasks side by side with crew members and complete tasks as required.
  • Act as an excellent role model for work skills, efficient time and resource use, and dedication to the operation of the farm.
  • Build confidence in interns as competent, useful, important members of the farm production team.
  • Communicate with all farm team members by cell phone throughout the day as needed.


  • Assist in organizing harvests for delivery to wholesale buyers and farmers markets.
  • Coordinate with sales staff and market records to ensure that adequate and proper amounts and types of products are harvested and available for orders and sales.
  • Operate a farmers market booth with an assistant or independently as needed.
  • Monitor farm stand as needed and ensure that it is stocked and clean through individual action or delegation of responsibility.
  • Ensure that the quality and saleability of products are safeguarded through proper handling and storage.